In Office Surgery

So what is the advantage of doing a surgery in office?  The main benefit is it is usually quite a bit cheaper.  Historically for minor surgical procedures like D&C (heavy bleeding), hysterscopy (looking into the uterus with a camera),  LEEPs (excision of cervix), and uterine ablations (treatment of heavy menses) we went to a hospital or surgical center.  The main reason was this was the only way to have adequate anesthesia.  

Unfortunately for minor procedures the hospital is very expensive.  The hospital, or facility fee, is usually the most expensive portion of the bill.  The anesthesia doctor would also submit a bill.

We thankfully have an anesthesiologist come to our office twice monthly (MD).  Therefore for all those procedures listed we are able to have all the comfort of the hospital without that big facility fee.  

Not all patients are candidates for in office.  We will ensure you are a low risk person for "twilight" anesthesia.

We have been able to bring tremendous value to our patients.  We recently became the first practice in the Great State of Texas to offer removal of a submucosal fibroid (one in the cavity when looking) in the office!  

John Thoppil, MD Dr. Thoppil is the founder of River Place Ob/Gyn. He has been named an Austin Monthly Top Doc the last 3 years and was the cover model of the January 2018 issue. He is the President Elect of the Texas Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and an Assistant Clinical Professor at Texas A&M Medical School

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