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At River Place OB GYN in West Austin, Texas, Dr. Thoppil and Dr. Shepherd offer a number of, same-day, outpatient surgical procedures to remedy common medical conditions, such as heavy periods, in the comfort of their office. That's why they're considered the best OBGYNs in Austin.

Office Based Surgery Q & A

What are the advantages of in-office procedures?

By performing many procedures in the office instead of a hospital, patients receive more personalized care, greater convenience, and usually a quicker recovery. Office procedures are also more economical. Patients may only be responsible for a copay. Our staff will check your benefits for you.

What does getting the ESSURE permanent birth control procedure entail?

Essure is the only permanent birth control method performed without surgery. It works by creating a blockage in the fallopian tubes to prevent sperm from reaching eggs. However, unlike earlier blockage methods, sometimes called “tube tying,” there is no incision with Essure. The Essure procedure involves the insertion of a small, flexible device into the fallopian tubes through the vagina. Our anesthesiologist is on hand to ensure your comfort with IV sedation or a local block (like at the dentist). The actual procedure takes less than 5 minutes. Because there is no incision, risk of complications is greatly reduced and recovery is quicker, while birth control is near 100% effective. Once the Essure device is in place, it takes about three months for sufficient scar tissue to develop and form a fail-safe barrier to sperm. During this period, women must use another method of birth control. After three months, we conduct a live X-ray (hysterosalpingogram) while pushing a small amount of dye into the uterus, to ensure that tubes are totally blocked, and the patient is unable to get pregnant.

What is uterine ablation?

Uterine ablation is a minimally invasive office procedure that offers effective long-term relief from heavy menstrual cycles in women who are finished having children. Several ablation techniques are available, but we usually go with the Novasure device. It utilizes radiofrequency energy to “desiccate” the uterine lining. This breakthrough technology calculates the right amount of energy to use based on the tissue, which is generally only 1 minute. An anesthesiologist is always on hand to provide IV sedation or a local block for our patients’ comfort during the procedure. Ablation has a high success rate. About 90% of women who have the procedure enjoy light to normal periods afterward, while 40-50% stop having periods altogether. However, women must still use birth control. While ablation greatly decreases the chance of getting pregnant, it is still a possibility, and pregnancy can be risky afterward.

Learn more about Essure and uterine ablation on our Videos page here.

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